RISC-V Processor

RISC-V combines a modular technical approach with an open, royalty-free ISA (Instruction Set Architecture). It leverages open-source solutions, offering flexibility, design freedom, and support for open architecture extensions to the RISC-V ISA.
Sailin developments are based on cost-effective RISC-V SoC using its own extensive IP portfolio for 32-bit to 64-bit core chips for the following fields...

SoC Design

The Sailin team is a group of experts in SoC (System on Chip) architecture, processor design, and the implementation of both hardware and software solutions. Our design team offers comprehensive solutions from the front-end to the back-end of the design process. We focus on reducing energy consumption, lowering costs, and optimizing chip area to minimize the footprint of large-scale systems. 
SoC RISC-V solutions available for MCU and HPC.