Sailin Impala N Series SM32N0100 MCU is a versatile microcontroller designed for industrial applications and high-end consumer electronics. It offers a combination of high cost-effectiveness, ultra-low power consumption, and a compact footprint. With a rich set of standard interfaces, extensive industrial support, flexibility, and excellent scalability, this product stands out as an ideal solution for both industrial and high-end consumer electronics markets.


Sailin Impala B Series SM32B1200 MCU is an extremely cost-effective product specifically designed for automotive electronic applications. It is a high-performance 32-bit automotive microcontroller built on the RISC-V architecture, operating at a clock speed of 120 MHz. Its rich set of peripherals makes it easy to support a wide range of application scenarios in the automotive industry.

High Performance Processor

Sailin is currently developing a high-performance RISC-V computing processor that will comprehensively cover a wide range of applications, from edge computing to large-scale servers requiring low latency and high synchronization, as well as supercomputing systems.